Initially created to enable blogging, it turned out to also be an excellent tool for creation and maintenance of regular websites – with or without blogging. For example was this very site  created using WordPress.

Building a new site in WordPress works in a manner that you choose what sort of overall appearance you’d like your site to have, this is defined in a Theme. There are hundreds of themes you can choose directly in WordPress. Or you can modify one or created your own theme. Given the diversity of available themes, I tend to choose an existing one and work from there.

In order to get all bells and whistles you add plug ins that do the thing you’d like to have on your site. Apps for contact forms, the weather forecast etc.

My WordPress services:

  • Building of a complete website and maintaining it after publishing.
  • Building of a complete website, publishing it and handing over to you where you will continue maintaining it yourself.
  • Setting up a basis for a website, including installation of WordPress on your server or hosting platform. You build, publish and maintain the website after delivery.
  • More info: info@pvdconsultancy.se