Here’s an overview of the different techniques our company applies and specializes in.

Robotics or RPA:

Robotics or RPA builds on the principle to mimic the manual registration process into an automated script. It runs much faster as all manual steps are performed by the Robotics process that runs on a computer. As a result, you save on people being able to focus on aspects of the business that generate income or avoiding expensive integration by specialized programming.

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Programming IBMi:

Since many years, IBM provides for a so called midrange server called IBMi. Over the years it has had many names but it all started out as AS/400 in the late 80-ies.

The system is mainly used for applications such as ERP, General Ledger, Payroll, Banking, Insurance etc. There’s a variety of standard applications available but many have written their own specialized software.

The IBMi platform caters for a large selection of programming languages such as RPG, SQL, PHP, CL, Node.JS, C, Python, … We do the latest in RPG, SQL and CL but also 2E and have done so for many years.

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Initially created to enable blogging, it turned out to also be an excellent tool for creation and maintenance of regular websites – with or without blogging. For example was this very siteĀ  created using WordPress.

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