Robotics or RPA:

If you recognize one of the situations in the list below, you just might be a candidate for Robotics or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Do you have one of the following:

  • A daily registration process that is based on incoming data in the form of eg. an Excel or email where a registration process is repeated in order to update one or more databases or systems. Eg, daily registration of new customers, members, products, prices or deliveries.
    In short: a manual process where you think ‘wish I could have this done automatically or by someone else’.
  • An incoming paper-list is used to do manual updates in one or more databases/systems
  • You wished two or more systems ought to be integrated (=talking with each other) but preferably without a large investment in a lot of programming.

Robotics or RPA builds on the principle to mimic the manual registration process into an automated script. It runs much faster as all manual steps are performed by the Robotics process that runs as a program on a computer. As a result, you save on people being able to focus on more advanced aspects of the business that generate income. Or you just avoid expensive integration by specialized programming.

There are several providers of RPA software, I do two of the two major ones: BluePrism and UiPath.

RPA services:

  • I can help you to analyze your manual registration process to see if a RPA replacement would be beneficial for your situation.
  • I can automate your manual registration process by building a replacement Robotics application.
  • More info:

Robotics IDE’s and processes obviously look different in different tools:

In BluePrism:

In UiPath: