Programming IBMi:

Since many years, IBM provides for a so called midrange server called IBMi. Over the years it has had many names but it all started out as AS/400 in the late 80-ies.

The system is mainly used for applications such as ERP, General Ledger, Payroll, Banking, Insurance etc. There’s a variety of standard applications available but many have written their own specialized software.

The IBMi platform caters for a large selection of programming languages such as RPG, SQL, PHP, CL, Node.JS, C, Python, … We do the latest in RPG, SQL and CL but also 2E and have done so for many years.

The language RPG used to be an old fashioned language featuring fixed positions and fixed formats. Not any longer! The modern RPG language can stand to be compared to any modern language such as Java and C#. It is free format and has all the features of any other modern language, including embedding SQL code.

Our IBMi services:

  • Obviously, we specialize in the modern variety of the language.
  • Any maintenance done on older programs should trigger the question if they should be converted to modern RPG. Of course we do the older versions of the RPG language but, in order to preserve your investment, prefer to convert to modern RPG.
  • We use embedded SQL for speedy data extraction and regular database IO within our RPG programs
  • More info:


Some thoughts on RPG. Nowadays we program RPG in free format, any fixed format programs can be converted to free format as we need to maintain it. Modern IDE’s come with a built in converter so what’s keeping you? 🙂
Some fixed format examples (just to know what you don’t wanna have):

Some modern free format examples (just so you know where you wanna be):