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Welcome to the website of Paul van Doorn

previously PvD Consultancy AB

Since 2021-06, I no longer run company PvD Consultancy AB. The reason for this is that I currently have a full-time employment. It makes no sense keeping the company alive so I ended it.

However, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all customers that put their trust in me and hired me for my enthusiasm and expertise – much appreciated.

No worries!
My trusty old website remains, albeit with slightly adjusted content in order to match the new reality. Of course my expertise is not lost and still available for smaller and bigger contracting projects within the area’s of my expertise.

Have you noticed that my new books are out? No? check out the link on the left side of this page (or below on the mobile page), or click here.

I do consultancy within the following subjects :

For ICT assignments, I specialize in IBM i and RPA:

  • IBM i (since 1990):
    • Application development and maintenance
    • System integration, aka making your systems work together (in an effective way)
    • Full application support on IBM i (aka AS400, iSeries etc)
    • Application modernization on IBM i (…you do want to be on the web don’t you?)
  • RPA (since 2017):
    • Robotics Process Automation RPA with BluePrism (and ongoing: UiPath)
  • Other (since 2010):
    • Website development and maintenance (WordPress)
    • Ongoing: Low-code mobile app and web app development (OutSystems)

For more details: Click here.

I utilize the following languages and tools:

  • IBM i:
    • Programming in RPG-ILE. Obviously we do the latest version /free but can also bring your fixed format legacy code into the new /free world.
    • Any coding is done in RDi or Visual Studio Code
    • SQL (for DB2). Scripts, Stored Procedures and embedded, dynamic and static.
    • CLP, CLLE, PL/I.
    • Programming in CA:2E (aka Synon/2E, COOL:2E).
  • RPA:
    • BluePrism for robotics
  • Other:
    • WordPress for websites
    • OutSystems for mobile apps or web apps
  • Documentation: The MS Office suite and MS-Visio, or open software such as LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

My main experience is in the following branches of industry:

  • Car industry (distributor/importer side and retailer/dealer side)
    • Many years of experience integrating dealer-system Kobra II and Kobra Sales (KSS) to back-end systems online (webservices and legacy methods)
    • Many years of experience with the online interfaces to the Swedish road authorities (Transport Styrelsen aka VägVerket) and insurance companies
    • Hands on as a specialist vehicle tech
  • Stock market
  • Finance & Banking
  • Insurance
  • Leasing
  • Part logistics
  • Musical copy rights
  • Chemical industry

Specialized Vehicle Tech:

  • Consulting technical issues with vehicles.
  • Technical analysis on vehicle mechanics and electrics.
  • Check out this page for more.

Please note that vehicle tech applies only to cool vehicles.

If you would like to know more, just contact me at: