A little history:

After high school, work, traveling Europe and North Africa and a few years at college, I had a 10 year stint in the car industry. There I tried everything from grease and tire monkey to advanced car-electronics and workshop manager, completing with relevant education as I went along.

In 1990 I re-booted and came out as a RPGĀ  and Synon/2e programmer on the then target platform being the a few years earlier new introduced IBM AS/400. This IBM AS/400 server was re-baptized many time over the years, from AS/400 to iSeries via eServer iSeries by IBM ending up as Power/IBMi.

My first assignments within IT were in the Netherlands as a RPG and 2E programmer. At that time I simultaneously completed my education with relevant college classes in database design, structured programming, assembler (!) etc. Later, the suite of tools was extended with the then new Cool:Plex, later CA:Plex, the modern client-server application development tool.

Since 1997 my family and I reside in Sweden, my current residence being on the country side 50 clicks north of the capital Stockholm, close to Uppsala and international airport Arlanda. Since then, my workplaces and customers have always been in Stockholm and surroundings.

In 1999 I started as consultant doing RPG, 2E and Plex. Plex ended up being shelved but the other two remained and still do. As my employer since 1999 decided to close the doors in 2010, I started my own business PvD Consultancy AB early 2011.

Somewhere along that line, IBM thought it wise to once again rename the platform, this time to IBM i. Please take notice that I am still working on the same platform but only confused on a higher level on what to call it. Stubborn as I am, I’ll stick to IBM i, completely ignoring the outdated but frequently used terms AS/400 and iSeries.

In between I even managed to get some development done for windows (in Clarion 5) and even some early mobile apps for the PalmOS platform.

As a consultant, I’ve had a number of assignments at handful of customers and different environments. Most of my assignments having in common a long time relationship between myself and the customer.

Since 2016 I also have a part time assignment as a 2E programmer at Nordea Liv & Pension. This grew during 2017 gradually to a 4-days-a-week assignment leaving one day a week for my little company. Out there, I run 2E and are coming to terms with BluePrism RPA software.

Out of interest, I try out new stuff as it comes along and looks interesting. Two of these are WordPress and OutSystems.
WordPress I use for the websites I build for myself and others.
OutSystems is meant to give mobile app development a go. This as I see a lot of requests for this kind of assignments popping up without being able to contribute today. By the looks of things, OutSystems is going to change that.

Industries worked in:

  • Car industry (dealer level)
  • Car leasing
  • Gas industry
  • Warehouse, distribution & Logistics
  • Marketing industry, bonus and customer loyalty
  • Car industry (importer/distributor level)
  • Musical industry, specializing in copyrights and ownership
  • Stock exchange, the banking customer solution
  • Insurance (pension), head office/back office solution